Diploma Programme

The Centre has been running a two-year Diploma Programme in Entrepreneurship. Many students have been trained since its inception and they have passed out meritoriously with new skills acquired for self reliance. It is exciting to note that from the feedback we have been receiving that most of the students who have done the programme have established their own businesses, taking care of their immediate families and adding value to the society . Besides, those who want to further their studies were given direct entry admissions in the Regular Programme or the Continuous Education Programme (CEP) of the University provided they meet the basic requirements.

Qualification: The minimum academic qualification is five O’level credits which will include English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

Professional/Proficiency Certificate Course

The Centre runs short term professional/proficiency certificate courses on entrepreneurship for adults and youths to develop the entrepreneurial culture. The Centre runs such programmes for three to six months. The Centre has presently many skills open to the public and students of the University. The Centre has permanent staff for skill trainings in fashion designing, knitting, cookery and confectionary, millinery leather works (shoe and bag making), braiding and wig making, computer programming, web design & development, computer hardware maintenance and repairs, computer aided designs, engineering software, beauty makeover, gele tying, hair and nail technology, textile, batik and monogramming/printing, event management & planning, graphics, photography, bee keeping & honey production, auto mechanics (automotive mechatronics – vehicle computer diagnostics), Modern Tyre Service (Digitalize wheel balancing and Alignment) paint production, cosmetology, fishery & aquatic management, woodwork technology (carpentry and joinery), electrical (installation & maintenance) Electronic/computer, welding & fabrication, animal husbandry – snail rearing, poultry, snail rearing.

Industrial Training

The students of the Centre have continued to go on Industrial Training which started since 2008. For the Industrial training exercise, the students are posted to different firms where they are exposed to such skills that they are being trained. At last, they draw up their business plans and bring up projects they have done which they defend before a panel prior graduating. Students benefit a lot from the Industrial Training experience.

University Wide Course (ENT 301): Entrepreneurship Education and New Venture Creation

The Centre started handling the theoretical and practical contents of this Univeristy wide Course (ENT 200) since 2008/2009 academic session. The theoretical contents of ENT 200 is now handled by the School of General Studies, while the practical content remains under the purview of the Centre. The practical content is meant to instill the hands-on experiences in the students. The course is taught to all 300 level undergraduates irrespective of the discipline during the second semester of each academic session. A lot of students have benefitted from this general course on entrepreneurship introduced in Nigerian Universities by the Federal Ministry of Education through the National Universities Commission.

Degree Programme on Entrepreneurship

The University has started its B.Sc. Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship since 2013/2014 academic year as approved by National Universities Commission (NUC). The Degree programme is the brainchild of Chike Okoli Centre of Entrepreneurial Studies as the curriculum for the programme was drawn up at COCES. The University Curriculum Committee and Senate approved it and thereafter the NUC after the resource assessment visit to the University in March 2012. The Centre is presently collaborating with the Department of Entrepreneurship Studies to equip students with entrepreneurship education and practical skills available at the Centre. COCES is working in synergy with the Department of Entrepreneurship Studies for entrepreneurship development and education within the University community and beyond.